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This is good news for Bangladeshi Film industry is that Jaaz Multimedia Introduced 2 New Heroines Falguni Rahman Jolly & Nusrat Faria for their upcoming new films. Since long time our Film industry is experiencing a lack of new and promising Actor or actress. Which still remains a big problem to boost the industry. To confront this biggest problem, a production house itself taken the responsibility to bring new faces and new talent into the Industry. And its started by one Jaaz Multimedia. JM has getting their long-time searching actresses.

Film actress Mahiya Mahi was their first and most benevolent actress till date. After her establishment as one of the butterfly effect in Dhaka Film Industry they have been gone so long to ransack more charismatic jewels in their cauldron. The latest invention of this renowned producing company’s next projects is Nusrat Faria – a well-knowned dancer and model in TV and quite fresh face Falguni Rahman Jolly. While Jolly is still undecided to act which of their next flick Nusrat faria is already signs in a contract for a film named ‘’Premi O Premi’’.

Jaaz Multimedia hunting for a new talent for such a long time. This news whispered in media quite over the years. But there was no solidity and verification about this news. With some several conversations with Glitz, Jaaz Multimedia’s steersman Abdul Aziz and its CEO Alimullah Khokon expressed their desire to bring out some fresh talents in limelight. They were hoping to commence them by the beginning of new year.

Arifin Shuvo

Falguni Rahman Jolly

Humaira Farin Khan

Nusrat Imroz