Chairman Message


Much before I started to work for the Stage and the Audio Visual media. Our Jaaz Multimedia is a Bangladeshi entertainment company established by Shish Manwar .

It is the inaugurator of Digital Film Projection in Bangladesh and it is one of the biggest integrated production house in Bangladesh.

The combination of our vision, facilities & infrastructure and faculty is a potent mix.

We provide resources which are above industry standards to every aspirant to discover their artistic, technical and commercial talents in today’s media industry.

Our endeavour, like all true pioneering efforts, is never complete. The changes we are bringing to media education, and by causality, the Media and Enter tainment industry, does not permit us to sit back and rest. Ever. This has paved the way for larger things to come.

We find that we are constantly refining and redesigning in our effort to make the level of education,the experience and the environment even better for our students, faculty and the industry.


Abdul Aziz

Chairman of the Jaaz Multimedia