JAAZ Multimedia is the most popular film production & distribution house in Bangladesh. JAAZ proclaimed its superiority when it started to produce digital film making, back in 2011. It introduced RED camera and Digital Projectors in this film industry through their first film, ? Bhalobashar Rong?. Besides establishing a digital Lab for digital format editing, dubbing, VFX and DI, JAAZ is now providing digital projection systems and 5.1 surround sound system to the analogue cinema halls countrywide.

JAAZ has started digitalized more than 250 cinema halls including sound system. Jazz has taken over on 15 cinema halls all over the country with the intention to make the number of 50(fifty) by 2018 . Moreover JAAZ has introduced new faces continually to the silver screen. Film stars like Bappy, Mahi, Bipasha, Nusrat Faria, Jolly and Shipon and film makers like

Saikat Nasir did their debut on silver screen through JAAZ. JAAZ has ensured class entertainment to the mass and to the class viewers. JAAZ always fights for progression. Recently JAAZ has started making co-production movies with India. Our latest venture Agnee?2, which is a sequel of super hit movie Agnee, will be the costliest film ever made in Bangladeshi Film history.

JAAZ inspires youth. JAAZ inspires educated technicians and skilled artist to come and perform for this industry. JAAZ wants to uplift the standard of Bangladeshi Film industry wants to compare its movies with the rest of the world. JAAZ intends to spread the Bangladeshi film market worldwide.